David Mitchell

Global Language Center

Ian Oliver

ISI Consultants
  • African markets
  • Energy/asset brokerage/healthcare/infrastructure/manufacturing
  • International business planning & implementation
  • Market entry & growth strategies
  • Partner searches & due diligence
  • International sales & representation
  • U.S. & foreign government contracting
  • International HR
  • Brand visibility & awareness
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Public-private-partnerships

Leonard Ozoemena

Compass Solutions
  • International Business Development (IBD)
  • Evolving and Emerging Markets (EE&M)
  • Specialist in the African Business environment and entry strategies for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)
  • Public and Private Partnership (PPP) development, for small businesses in emerging markets.
  • Global business risk mitigation in African markets
  • International Market Channel development

John Priecko

Trade Compliance Solutions (TCS)

Trade savvy compliance professional with 20+ years’ experience
Oversees a national network of proven providers
Focus on hands-on, practical application and case studies
Dedicated to sharing lessons learned
Provides internal and external education and training
Accomplished author & speaker

John Saylor

Commonwealth Trading Partners Inc (CTP)

Leslie M Schweitzer

Friends of American University of Afghanistan

Hank Selby

Reynolds Packaging Group
  • 35+ year career in International Trade
  • Background in International Marketing, Logistics, and Trade Compliance
  • Licensed U.S. Customs Broker
  • Carrier service contract negotiations
  • Canada/US border crossing issues
  • Third Country Distribution Arrangements
  • Product Classification USHTS/Schedule B
  • Letters of Credit
  • Service Provider Selection and Maintenance